“In late 2016, Agadez made headlines when Niger became one of the European Union (EU)’s prime partners in the fight against irregular migration. The arrest of human smugglers and the confiscation of their 4×4 trucks resulted in a decrease in the number of migrants travelling through the region.

Given Agadez’s economic dependence on the migration industry, Clingendael’s Conflict Research Unit investigated the costs of these measures for the local population, their authorities and regional security. We invite you to work with our data and explore our findings.

To date, the majority of migration-related interventions in the Agadez region have focused on dismantling the migration industry without putting any substantial short-term economic alternatives in place. Two-thirds of our survey respondents note that though they benefitted considerably from migration, they do not benefit at all from migration mitigating policies.”

“This synthesis report presents the main findings of a research project on the effect of migration and migration-mitigating measures on economic opportunities and local governance in Agadez. Using data obtained through a large-n survey, focus group discussions and key informant interviews, the report provides an overview of the migration policies currently being implemented in the region and investigates their (adverse) effects on the local economy, the legitimacy of state authorities and insecurity. It uses these insights to provide tangible policy recommendations that enable security and rule of law policies, including those related to social and economic reconstruction, to address these potential adverse effects. A common thread running through the recommendations is that Agadez has deposits of economic, social and institutional capital that can be leveraged as part of a more holistic and bottom-up approach to migration management that treats the issue of migration as one among multiple challenges facing the region.”

The report contains:

1 Irregular migration and migration-mitigating measures
2 Adverse economic effects
3 Legitimacy of state authorities
4 Insecurity in and around Agadez
Appendix – Research methodology