UNHCR Central Mediterranean Risk Mitigation Strategy (CMRMS)

“The movement of refugees and migrants across the Sahara and the central Mediterranean Sea towards Europe continues to have a devastating toll on human life. Between January and August 2017, an estimated 2,270 refugees and migrants died at sea in the central Mediterranean. It is estimated that many others died on their way across the desert and in detention centres. Other serious risks along the route include extra judicial killings, being left to die in the desert, extortion, torture including to extract ransoms, sexual violence and exploitation, forced labour and other human rights abuses.”

“The proposed cross-regional strategy is 3-pronged, with broad objectives and selected activities in countries of origin and transit, in Libya and in destination countries of Europe. In terms of target populations, in addition to persons originating from refugee producing countries, it draws information from groups and persons eventually recognized as in need of international protection at destination points, including victims of trafficking and unaccompanied children who are at heightened risk all along their way to Europe. The strategy takes due account of the lack of protection space in Libya, as well as the challenges these mixed migratory flows pose to the asylum systems throughout the journeys and in destination countries. ”