“The Ministers of Interior of Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Libya, Malta, Slovenia, Switzerland, Tunisia and the European Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship met in Rome on 19th and 20th March 2017. The discussion focused on addressing the common challenges represented by the mixed migration flows from Africa to Europe across the Central Mediterranean route.”

The Ministers agreed to, among others:

  • “further mobilise resources, in line with recent commitments, to support projects enhancing the capacities to manage migration and promoting the social, institutional and economic development in the countries of origin, including through training and education;
  • counter the smuggling and trafficking in human beings and reduce the number of irregular crossings by sea and in the desert and achieve a stronger operational cooperation with a view to saving lives;
  • improve the living conditions of asylum seekers and refugees as well as the systems aimed at ensuring them an effective protection;
  • strengthen border protection through specific training programmes, information exchange and provision of means (equipment and technology) to increase the operational capabilities;
  • increase cooperation in the field of returns, including the process of returning migrants safely back to their countries of origin;”