The Migration Policy Paper no. 3 of the Irish development organisation Trocaire provides a critical analysis of the EU Migration Partnership Framework.

“Key concerns:

  • Despite the failure of the EU-Turkey deal to safeguard the rights of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants, the deal is being used as a model for future cooperation with non-EU countries.
  • The EU Migration Partnership Framework agreed on 6 June 20162 aims to outsource border control and security to partner countries, without providing adequate safeguards to prevent human rights abuses and violations of the right to asylum and the principle of non-refoulement.
  • The Partnership Framework emphasises returns and readmission of people, without adequate attention to the protection needs and human rights of people in need.
  • The Partnership Framework includes positive and negative incentives for non-EU countries to cooperate on curtailing migration and proposes a re-orientation of the EU’s development cooperation towards halting migration. Development cooperation should be to the benefit of the most vulnerable and marginalised in developing countries, not as leverage to prevent migration into the EU.”