COM(2015) 285 final

“The European Agenda on Migration, which was adopted by the European Commission on 13 May 2015, identified the fight against migrant smuggling as a priority, to prevent the exploitation of migrants by criminal networks and reduce incentives to irregular migration. The Agenda set the goal to transform migrant smuggling networks from ‘low risk, high return’ operations into ‘high risk, low return’ ones. The European Agenda on Security, adopted by the Commission on 28 April 2015, also singled out cooperation against the smuggling of migrants inside the EU and with third countries as a priority in the fight against organized crime networks. This Action Plan against migrant smuggling sets out the specific actions necessary to implement the two Agendas in this area, and incorporates the key actions already identified therein.”

The Action Plan has the following components:

  1. Enhanced police and judicial response
  2. Improved gathering and sharing of information
  3. Enhanced prevention of smuggling and assistance to vulnerable migrants
  4. Stronger cooperation with third countries