The Memorandum contains and eight Articles.

Article 1: “The Parties commit themselves to: A) start cooperation initiatives in conformity with programs and activities adopted by the Libyan Presidential Council and the Libyan Government of National Accord, as regards the support to security and military institutions’ in order to stem the illegal migrants’ fluxes and face their consequences, in accord with what is foreseen by the Treaty of Friendship, Partnership and Cooperation undersigned by the two countries and by the agreements and memorandum of understanding undersigned by the Parties. B) the Italian party provides support and financing to development programs in the regions affected by the illegal immigration phenomenon, within different sectors, such as renewable energy, infrastructure, health, transports, human resources development, teaching, personnel training and scientific research. C) the Italian party commits to provide technical and technologic support to the Libyan institutions in charge of the fight against illegal immigration, and that are represented by the border guard and the coast guard of the Ministry of Defence and by the competent bodies and departments of the Ministry of Home Affairs.”

Original text in Italian

Unofficial translation made by the Odysseus network