“As European Union leaders meet in Malta tomorrow to discuss migration, with an intention to “close down the route from Libya to Italy” by increasing cooperation with the Libyan authorities, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is raising grave concerns about the fate of people trapped in Libya or returned to the country.

MSF has been providing medical care to migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers detained in Tripoli and its surroundings since July 2016. People are often detained arbitrarily in inhumane and unsanitary conditions, without enough food, clean water, or access to medical care. ”

“The absence of a functioning asylum system in Libya means that in the current circumstances people seeking international protection cannot be processed fairly and efficiently in accordance with international and regional refugee law.

“The EU is misrepresenting the reality on the ground. Libya is not a safe place and blocking people in the country or returning them to Libya makes a mockery of the EU’s so-called fundamental values of human dignity and rule of law.”