His Excellency,

Mr. Zeid Raad Al Hussein,

United Nation High Commissioner for Human Rights

United Nations Office,

Geneva, Switzerland

Dear Sir,


Following your e-mail to your staff on the 21st of December 2017 stating your intention to step down after your term ends in the summer of 2018,  we (the above named organizations) are writing in the hopes of convincing you otherwise.


Africa Centre Against Torture-ACAT is a none profit international organization with a firm stance against torture and other human rights violations while Citizens United focuses on migration, integration and human rights.

Given the continuous global rise in human rights violations and your commendable track record on the job, we are among firm believers that you posses the aptitude and proficiency to drive the human rights council beyond 2018.   Although we acknowledge the challenging environment that comes with the job, you have been a principled and strong voice, a source of inspiration and an achiever for less advantageous.

Your excellency, apart from the improvements you made at the council, you  have been a cornerstone in the voice of human rights especially with the current  migration crisis. You are an exemplary leader in a world plague by nationalist politics and lack of human solidarity.


This is demonstrated when you took upon the United States president on his ban on certain Muslim countries and his enabling of ethnic nationalism, when you called the EU ‘’inhumane’’ on their policy of intercepting migrants in the Mediterranean, you condemned Russia for its actions in Crimea and Syria not to mention your questioning of the UN’s ability to play its role as independent human rights champion just to name a few.


Without you at the helm, we fear that the voice of human rights will be silence especially in current situation where powerful countries, international and supra national organizations choose to abandoned long standing human rights considerations, commitments and traditions.


We hope you will reconsider staying before news of your stepping down goes public, because the family of the UN, civil society organizations and NGOs on the fight for human rights  still needs your services, leadership and support.

With our deepest and profound appreciation, we thank you.


Yours Sincerely

David Koros                                                                                              Ms. Ngoneh Panneh

Director General                                                                                        President & Founder

African Centre Against Torture-ACAT .                                                   Citizens United Switzerland.