Fact Sheet in relation to the fourth Progress Report on the Partnership Framework

“Since the launch of the Partnership Framework in June 2016, a number of tangible results across the five priority countries, Niger, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal and Ethiopia, as well as with regard to other priority countries in Africa and beyond have been achieved. Several partner countries have adopted or reviewed migration management strategies and legislation in cooperation with the EU and migration liaison officers are now present in 12 partner countries. An established partnership with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and closer cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) have been secured to ensure better conditions for migrants and help Assisted Voluntary Returns in countries of origin. Steps have also been taken to facilitate returns and negotiations on readmission agreements have been launched. Faced with an increase of arrivals via the Central Mediterranean route, rapid action has been taken to implement the Malta Declaration of 3 February. The report details actions to tackle the continuing high flows through this route. The Report also reflects on the lessons learned over the past twelve months. They relate to the need of closer cooperation and coordination between the EU and Member States, but also with partner countries, notably in the field of returns and readmission. The importance of strong engagement, including financial, and of presence on the ground to achieve operational results are also underlined. Only tailor-made strategies can bring results. Finally, the Report confirms that, if necessary, the geographical scope of the Partnership framework will continue to adapt to new realities and include more countries.”