The report covers the period from April 2014 to April 2016.

With regard to migration, it highlights the adoption of Law No. 2015-36 of 25 May 2015 on migrant smuggling.

With regard to torture, paragraph 92 states: “Niger is yet to adopt a law criminalizing torture. However, a draft law amending the Criminal Code is being prepared which provides for the definition of torture and its characterization as torture. This draft law is in an advanced stage in its development process. Moreover, the Code of Criminal Procedure stipulates that all detainees in police custody must be examined by a doctor prior to being prosecuted. This provision was added to prevent suspects from being subject to physical or mental torture while held in police custody.”

With regard to the prohibition of slavery and torture, paragraph 190 states: “Niger is taking steps to amend Law No. 2015-36 of 26 May 2015 on trafficking in persons in order to effectively combat this phenomenon. Furthermore, two other draft legislation are currently in the process of being adopted, namely: – the draft decree on the organization, missions and functioning of the Special Fund for the compensation of victims and witnesses of human trafficking; – the draft decree on the establishment of a support centre for victims and witnesses of human trafficking.”