“Nearly a year after the first elections in post-Gaddafi Libya, the human rights of tens of thousands of foreign nationals, including asylum-seekers, refugees and migrants, continue to be routinely violated. In a context of political instability and lawlessness, foreign nationals, mainly from subSaharan Africa, are at constant risk of exploitation, arrest and indefinite detention pending deportation. Those without “proper documentation” are particularly vulnerable as Libyan legislation criminalizes entering, staying in or leaving Libya irregularly. When Amnesty International delegates were in Libya in April and May 2013, approximately 1,700 detained asylum-seekers were held indefinitely in poorly resourced “holding centres”. The situation of asylum-seekers and refugees in Libya is particularly precarious as Libya widely resorts to their detention in breach of international law and the country still lacks an asylum system and national asylum legislation.”

The report contains chapters dealing with:

  • Refugees and asylum-seekers
  • Torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment and punishment
  • Lack of due process
  • Exploitation
  • Inadequate detention conditions and hygiene
  • Lack of adequate medical care
  • Deportation on medical grounds

With conclusions and recommendations.